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I’m John Sweet, a man who’s been neck-deep in horse racing for what feels like a lifetime and half, but never for a single day has it felt less than thrilling. Let me regale you with my adventure in the magnificent world of horse racing, and how I transformed from a humble supporter to an influential analyst.

As a sprightly teen in the UK, my journey began in an unexpected way. You see, there was this local bookmaker who, as luck would have it, needed a bit of help staying afloat. I became his number one patron – I suppose you could say I had a soft spot for the underdog. Fast forward a few years and I’d embarked on a career as a photographer, my studio conveniently located next to his betting office. I suspect he might’ve wished I’d taken up oil painting instead – let’s just say he benefited from my photography profits quite regularly!

The plot thickens when I acquired a quaint little bookmaker’s office from him, located on a summer campsite. And thus, my true romance with horse racing began.

But as they say, every rose has its thorn. Despite bookmakers usually turning a profit, I had one client who consistently outsmarted me. He wasn’t privy to insider stable information or anything of that sort. He was just a wizard at studying form. I begged him to share his secrets, but he was a savvy one, keeping his cards close to his chest until I decided to sell the business. Just as I was bidding farewell, he finally spilled the beans, and oh boy, what a revelation that was!

Armed with my newfound knowledge, I moved to South Africa in 1995 and was thrilled to find that horse racing here echoed that of the UK. I started applying the secret method to find winners and subsequently penned the IRS. This was just the beginning. I founded Inform Racing and for the past 25 years, have been offering private tips, always transparently sharing my results, win or lose. That’s the only way I know how to do business – honestly.

During these years, I penned “How to Make Money Backing Horses”, “How to Structure Your Bets”, and “Making Money with Maidens”. The latter was a culmination of my secret method, now widely known as the IRS or the International Rothman System. When “How to Structure Your Bets” flew off the shelves, I developed software to replace it.

Now, on this website, I offer an array of tools and knowledge, including the easy Genie software for exotic bets, the PA, Pick Six, Jackpot, and the quartet. Despite three bookmakers closing my accounts and stepping into retirement, my followers still can’t get enough.

So here I am, sharing a wealth of wisdom collected over 55 exhilarating years of horse racing, all on this platform. Hop on, and let’s take this thrilling ride together!

Hey, I'm John Sweet

a trusted and loved horse racing analyst with years of experience in the industry. Having had the privilege of meeting legends like Frankie Dettori, my passion for horse racing has taken me on an incredible journey. I've lived a great life, making a living from backing horses and enjoying the thrill of the race. Alongside my wife and daughter, I've called South Africa home and have embraced a lifestyle that allows me to travel globally. Join me as I share insights, tips, and stories from the world of horse racing.


John Sweet is renowned as one of the finest horse racing analysts worldwide. With an unrivaled passion for horse racing spanning over three decades, he has honed his expertise and insight into the intricate workings of the horse racing industry.

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