Hey, I'm John Sweet

A trusted and loved horse racing analyst with years of experience in the industry. Having had the privilege of meeting legends like Frankie Dettori, my passion for horse racing has taken me on an incredible journey. I've lived a great life, making a living from backing horses and enjoying the thrill of the race. Alongside my wife and daughter, I've called South Africa home and have embraced a lifestyle that allows me to travel globally. Join me as I share insights, tips, and stories from the world of horse racing.

Bestselling Books

01 How to Structure Your Bets

Structuring your bets is just as important as knowing what horse to back. Think of it like cooking a gourmet meal – having all the ingredients isn’t enough, you also need to know the recipe!

02 IRS & IRS PRO Spreadsheet

Harness the secrets of the horse racing world with the International Racing System (IRS), globally recognized as the leading manual for studying horseracing form.

03 Make Money Backing Horses

Are you passionate about horse racing and eager to turn this enthusiasm into profit? Then let us introduce you to our best-selling e-book, Make Money Backing Horses.

04 Make Money with Maidens

Allow us to let you in on a little secret: Maiden races are like hidden gems in the world of horse racing. Wondering why? Well, because they can be the easiest to win!

John's Innovative Genie Software

Jackpot Genie

Get ready to elevate your betting game with the Jackpot Genie, a software tool purpose-built to enhance your chances of hitting those exotic dividends, while effectively reducing the cost.

Quartet Genie

Step into a world where winning isn’t just a dream, but a reality you can grasp! Meet the Quartet Genie, an elegant piece of software designed especially for quartet enthusiasts.

Pick Six Genie

Powered by Pick-Six Genie, a standout in our software collection and my personal secret weapon for claiming major victories. This software is engineered to maximize your earnings.

PA Genie

Enter the PA Genie, your personal guide to success in the world of Place Accumulator (PA) bets, a fan-favourite in South Africa. This powerful software reshapes your betting strategy, allowing outsiders to clinch victory in multiple legs of your place accumulator.

Struggling to Make Money Backing Horses?

Meet John's Ai System.

Finding winners & making money is what we do best.

This system gives you everything you need to make a profit backing horses in just one hour.

So, Why AI for Horse Racing?

Let's face it — betting on horse racing without a reliable strategy is not just throwing your money away; it's also wasting your precious time. It's like pouring your hard-earned cash and valuable hours into a bottomless pit, hoping for a miracle.

Our AI system is designed to do the hard work for you, using advanced algorithms to analyze data and identify winning opportunities in minutes.

John Sweet is renowned as one of the finest horse racing analysts worldwide. With an unrivaled passion for horse racing spanning over three decades, he has honed his expertise and insight into the intricate workings of the horse racing industry.

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