The Jackpot Genie is a software program designed to increase your chances of winning this exotic dividend, while at the same time reducing the cost. Suitable for any country where winners of four races have to be found. A typical example of how the Jackpot Genie works, would be say that you had five selections four different races, you would properly expect the winner to be found in the first or second selection in perhaps two orl three of the races, but the difficult part would be knowing which two or three races your selections correct. The Jackpot Genie GP takes care of that, with its sophisticated perms. another scenario, of course, is that if you had five horses on each leg. You are actually betting that the worst two horses are going to win all four legs. This is a wasted bet. you can save 25% of your money structuring your bets correctly which is where this software comes in so useful.


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