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Hi, My name is John Sweet and my first involvement in horse racing was as a teenager when I supported my local bookmaker in the UK to make sure that he did not go out of business.

I then became a photographer and luckily for him my studio was next door to his betting office, so he then got all my profits from my studio as well.

It so happened that he had a second small bookmakers office on a summer campsite, which he sold to me and then my real involvement in horse racing started and at last. 

Although bookmakers generally make money, I had one client who consistently won money from me. I just could not ...... read more goto ABOUT




Fairview tips available again for September R500

Selections are once again available for my local track Fairview.

R500 for September including a P/A and the best runners from the Spies yard

Below photo with Erik Spies and Craig Zackey in winners enclosure


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