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This is a members only site where I will do my best to help you make money backing horses. I have written a number of books on the subject, published some great software and produced videos to help you. These are all available to registered members. Either create an account below or login if you are a member.

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Welcome to Inform Racing.


My name is John Sweet and I have been analysing horse racing form since I was a schoolboy. I was one of the first bookmakers in the UK when betting offices became legal in 1960's and have followed horse racing ever since.
In 1995 I came to South Africa and discovered the SA racing was very similar to the UK racing and soon became established as a reliable forecaster and appeared on the SA racing channel TeleTrack in the late 90s.
Since then I have written a number of educational books on how to make a profit backing horses as well as the successful Genie Software series which has become well known in professional circles.
In this site, I will endevour to guide the novice horse player through the early learning stages of mastering horse racing form and then teach my methods of study to the more sophisticated investor.
Many of my methods are controversial and over the years I have been attacked both in the press and on the Internet for exposing scams and rips offs. Other tipsters have threatened me for exposing their methods of misleading the public, but my base of loyal followers have supported me in South Africa since 1995.
I have produced a number of instructional videos which are available at a very reasonable cost which will help both the novice and the experienced investor get a better return on his investment
Enjoy the site.

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