The IRS (International Racing System) has become the most sought after manual on how to study horseracing form because of its success on selecting winners. 
I show you exactly how to study not only the horses form and the jockey form but also most importantly, how to study the trainer form.

Here is a screenshot of the software template. Click on the video to get an idea of how it works

There is no need to keep a database and the method can be used at any time providing that you have access to the latest form, whether it's in a book or whether it's a download on the Internet. 
It can be used in any country where there is quality form available and It is regarded as the Bible for many racing analysts around the world. 

I have personally use the methods in this manual which I wrote in 1995 to forecast the daily selections which have been a great success. 

"John I purchased the IRS system as well as another paperback book. I had been betting on horse racing since 2003 and formed my own opinions and prejudices. I had now started using your system. The most difficult part was to start unlearning my bad habits, to this end I started mechanically following the IRS system, with small monetary amounts. 

I had only lost one bet this weekend (I must say that I do not bet on each race as I want to ensure that have the best ratios). This is the best sequence of wins I had racked up, to date. I know I paid for the advice, but I do appreciate the fact that if you did not compile the material and decided to sell it, I would not be on my way to turn a hobby into a revenue stream. 

Kindest Regards 


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