IRS system


The IRS (International Racing System) has become the most sought after manual on how to study horseracing form because of its success on selecting winners.
I show you exactly how to study not only the horses form and the jockey form but also most importantly, how to study the trainer form.

Here is a screenshot of the software template. Click on the video to get an idea of how it works

There is no need to keep a database and the method can be used at any time providing that you have access to the latest form, whether it's in a book or whether it's a download on the Internet.
It can be used in any country where there is quality form available and It is regarded as the Bible for many racing analysts around the world. 

I have personally use the methods in this manual which I wrote in 1995 to forecast the daily selections which have been a great success. 

"John I purchased the IRS system as well as another paperback book. I had been betting on horse racing since 2003 and formed my own opinions and prejudices. I had now started using your system. The most difficult part was to start unlearning my bad habits, to this end I started mechanically following the IRS system, with small monetary amounts. 

I had only lost one bet this weekend (I must say that I do not bet on each race as I want to ensure that have the best ratios). This is the best sequence of wins I had racked up, to date. I know I paid for the advice, but I do appreciate the fact that if you did not compile the material and decided to sell it, I would not be on my way to turn a hobby into a revenue stream. 

Kindest Regards 


How to make Money Backing Horses

This best seller is now available again and is essential reading for anyone wanting to make money backing horses, packed with relevant information it will pay for itself time and again in any country where horse racing takes place.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to find out if a trainer is plotting a coup (page 29)
  • How to identify if a jockey is out to win (page 50)
  • Where to get value for your bet (page 54)
  • How to avail false favourites (page 55)
  • Who are the best jockeys on favourites (page 57)
  • How to win huge pick sixes (page 60)
  • How to make your betting capital go further (page 67)
  • Find out which bets the bookies hate to lay (page 70)
  • How to make R5000 per month backing horses (page 71)



How to Make Money with Maidens

Despite the title this has nothing to do with looking after young ladies.

If you study horse racing form, then you should be looking at the maiden races as they are the easiest to win.
Why spend hours of work analyzing a difficult handicap where any of the horses could win if they ran to their best ability, when in a maiden race, 90% of the runners will NEVER win a race ever.

I discovered that it is much easier to pick the winner of a maiden race, than the more popular feature races. 
In this book goes to the reasons why it is easier to win consistently on horses that have never ever won, than it is to back a winner of races where there are numerous real contenders. 
Nine out of ten horses never win a race. So it is far easier to identify a horse that has potential if you know what you are looking for. Using the system shown in this book, I recently selected six horses for the quartet and they came 1st second third and forth. The quartet paid R18.058


There are also many more maiden races on the card than there are the Feature races and this of course is a huge advantage to players who are following my ideas of this method. 

Quartet Genie

The Quartet Genie it is a beautiful piece of software written for followers of the quartets. To win the quartet, you have to predict first four horses past the post in order. the TAB accepts many types of permutations on this bet but the Quartet Genie goes much further, and gives the player a much better chance of winning. An example of this would be say if you had six selections for quartet, you could structure of our software so that with just three horses coming in any position you would win. The Quartet Genie retails for R1500 contact our office for bank details

PA Genie

The place accumulator is an exciting bet which is extremely popular in South Africa. The object of this bet is to find horses to be placed first, second or third and occasionally fourth depending on the size of the field in seven designated places at one meeting. Most people take what is known as a flat perm, in which case they have to have one or two bankers in a few of the legs, when these fail the whole bet is lost. The PA Genie will allow for several legs of your place accumulator to be won by outsiders and, thus, your investment can be saved. The PA Genie software is available for R1500

Jackpot Genie

The Jackpot Genie is a software program designed to increase your chances of winning this exotic dividend, while at the same time reducing the cost. Suitable for any country where winners of four races have to be found. A typical example of how the Jackpot Genie works, would be say that you had five selections four different races, you would properly expect the winner to be found in the first or second selection in perhaps two orl three of the races, but the difficult part would be knowing which two or three races your selections correct. The Jackpot Genie GP takes care of that, with its sophisticated perms. another scenario, of course, is that if you had five horses on each leg. You are actually betting that the worst two horses are going to win all four legs. This is a wasted bet. you can save 25% of your money structuring your bets correctly which is where this software comes in so useful. To Jackpot Genie Software sells for R3.500
ps The Jackpot Genie can also be used for the Soccer4

Pick Six Genie

The Pick-Six Genie is the piece of software which I have personally used to win more money than any other of my Genies. I usually like to put six horses in each leg of the Pick Six but the cost of a full perm even on 10% would be 6x6x6x6x6x6 = R4,665.60 obviously an unacceptable amount to invest. However, I often find the winner of four of those races in my first two selections, and with the pick six Genie I'm able to construct my bet, so that I will win. When I manage to find four winners from my first two choices and the remaining winners from the other four selections, I have won 10% of the dividend and have saved over R4192 on my outlay The cost of my perm would only be R473.60 The Pick Six Genie is R4.500 please contact the office for bank details.

The Soccer Six Genie can also be used for the Soccer6